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Managing my lawn, and doing all that is needed the "right way" and at the "right time" became so frustrating that I began looking into, and touring condos this summer. As a last attempt to make home ownership work for me, I took a chance at ANOTHER lawn service - this time trying a smaller business, versus a big-brand or gig-based service.

I've not been disappointed.

The Hoosier Lawn Pride team has been reliable at maintaining a cadence, and are good about coming in and taking care of things with little/no involvement from me. (A HUGE thing for me because I work from home, travel often and am often in meetings.) To know that they know what I need taken care of with no reminder speaks to the care they are taking for their customers. In addition to maintaining my lawn, they've done (and fixed) some landscaping that is creating a newness to my backyard that me and my dogs are loving.

Right now I'm leaning on staying in a home - and it'd be a disservice to the Hoosier Pride Lawn team if I didn't admit their work has something to do with that. Thank you

Eduardo Arias

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